Flying from London to Chennai via Abu Dhabi

Flying from London to Chennai via Abu Dhabi

Travelling from UK to India should be pretty straight forward.

I got to Chennai from London Heahrow Airport. I flew with Ethiad Airlines with a stopover at Abu Dhabi airport. This airport has a free wi-fi available to all passengers, which is a great feature in case you want to update anyone that your travel is going well. For those who are staying in Abu Dhabi for longer the currency in United Arab Emirates is Arab Emirates Dhiram (AED) and card payment services are available pretty much everywhere.


The Flight from London to Abu Dhabi takes around 7 hours and time on board passes quickly, especially when you start watching movies, TV channels or listening to music entertainment provided by the airline.

Two meals are served over the flight duration (lunch shortly after departure and dinner later on). There is a USB plug available for those who want to charge their electronic devices and have a connecting cable at hand.


The flight from Abu Dhabi to Chennai takes about 4 hours. Expect the plain to be much smaller and the crowd mainly of Indian background. Don’t be surprised if someone takes your designated seat on board since not much attention is paid to what seat number is on passengers tickets. This is exactly what happened to my seat, which I honestly didn’t mind (I usually like seating by the window but aisle was also great). Our cabin crew had to repeat a few times the rules to some passengers to put up the seat upright before departing and landing and to fasten a seat belt as first requests were not sinking in.

During the flight from Abu Dhabi to Chennai  people seemed to be more all over the place and a bit less organised than usually in the  West. It was absolutely great experience and lots of fun, especially as I managed to speak to a fellow Indian passenger. I struggled to understand his accent but he introduced me to Indian sari trends and his family life while going through his photo book on the phone. Everyone I spoke to was very nice and advised me to be careful and weary while travelling throughout India.

Before landing non Indian nationals needed to fill in the landing card. The landing card is handed to the passport control officer at the border checkpoint. There are separate lines for foreigners with e-visas and normal visas. The border control doesn’t take long, the officer checks your passport, stamps it, takes your landing card and one takes a photo snap of your face. After that you are free to go.

If you need some drinking water there are water filters available just before the border checkpoint. Ensure you have your water bottle with you.

The ATM does accept cards and allows on 10,000 INR withdrawal in one go.From what I know you can take out maximum of 30,000 – 40,000 INR per day, however not from all ATM’s and it depends on your own bank restriction. Beauro de change is also at the airport and it’s in close proximity to baggage collection point.  

There are no places to buy the Indi sim card at the airport despite some websites which state the opposite.

Taxi points are just outside the airport but if you can use Uber or Ola application on your phone that will be safer and much more cost effective way to get to your accommodation.

Bon Voyage! 

Date : 21 March 2019

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