How to get to Melukote and Srirangapatna from Mysore by local bus.


This is the story of how we traveled to Melukote and Srirangapatna from Mysore in one day using local buses. Both places are well worth of visit so if you are in Mysore and have a day to spare go for it!

Here you will find out:-

  • Where Melukote and Srirangapatna are located
  • Links to websites which explain why it is worth visiting Melukote and Srirangapatna
  • How to get to both places by local bus including tips, logistics, and the round trip cost
  • Some photos we took during our adventure

Both Melukote (Link) Srirangapatna island (Link) are north of Mysore, with Srirangapatna island the closest at around 20km and Melukote about 53km north. There are a number of options for visiting both in a day. From Mysore to Melukote takes about 1 hr 10 mins by car or up to 1 hr 40 mins by bus (however, as always in India, timings dependent on traffic). Mysore to Srirangapatna island should take about 30 mins by car and around 45 mins by bus. We also met some people who rented a car with a driver for an entire day at a cost of 2500 INR which gave them the freedom to plan their own route and schedule.

We decided to go for a budget travel option and took a few bus rides with the locals. The total cost for a day round trip (per person)  with the following stop at Mysore – Melukote – Srirangapatna – Mysore was circa 140 INR.

There were clearly not many tourists using the buses to get to Melukote and Sriragapatna in April (outside the season) as we were the only non-locals on the buses.

The buses to both Melukote and Srirangapatna go from Mysore City Bus station – located at the corner of the Mysore Palace. There are also direct buses to Srirangapatna, the journey takes around 30 mins at the cost circa 35 INR.

Mysore City Bus Station / 6th April 2019


We decided to visit Melukote first and stop over in Srirangapatna on the way back, although there are also direct buses to Srirangapatna if you want to visit there first.

To get to Melukote you can take the bus from platform 2 or platform 8. The first option is a direct bus to Melukote. The second option requires a bus change at Jakkanahills. Note, that if you ask the bus station attendants for Melukote they may point you to either the direct or indirect bus, I assume dependent on which one is leaving next, so double check with the bus driver once you get on just to be sure.

When we got to the City Bus station the indirect bus was available, we hopped onboard the bus for Jakkanahalli (which is where we were pointed when we asked for Melukote). The ticket cost to Jakkanahalli was 50 INR per person and the journey took about 1 hour 20 mins.

From Jakkanahalli to Melukote took roughly another 15 mins and the ticket cost was 10 INR per person. The buses to Melukote are fairly frequent, we waited for about 10 mins for a bus to arrive. The bus from Jakkanahalli to Melukote stopped across the street from where we had been dropped off. If in doubt where to get the bus from it’s best to just ask a local shop owner, this is what most of the locals seem to do so don’t be shy.

After Melukote our next destination was Srirangapatna. To get to Srirangapatna from Melukote we took a bus back to Jakkanahalli (again it took about 15 min at the cost of 10 INR) from Melukote bus station. From there we crossed the road and waited for the bus to Srirangapatana (this is actually the bus headed to Mysore but it passes through Srirangapatna), this bus took about 1 hour at the cost of 35 INR.

The final leg from Srirangapatna to Mysore took circa 45 mins at the cost of 35 INR. You can catch this bus from Srirangapatna bus station.

Whenever we were in doubt we spoke to the other bus passengers to confirm that we are going in the right direction. Everyone we met was super friendly and we learned some new things about the Indian culture and local people (i.e. that one of the most famous Sanskrit universities is based in Melukote; Ugadi – the lunar New Year’s Day has been celebrated throughout Karnataka on 6th April; the prominent Indian IT companies are Wipro and Cognizent).


  • If unsure where the bus stop is, or if the bus arriving is the one you want just ask someone! In Mysore bus station there are a number of station employees who will point you in the right direction. At Jakkanahalli where there are no bus company employees just ask a local. Better yet, do what we did and find someone going the same way you’re headed and just follow them. Indians are incredibly friendly and are more than happy to help.


Bus 1 – Mysore to Jakkanahalli

Location – Mysore (Main Bus Station)
Bus Stop – 2 or 8
Ask for – Bus to Melkotue or Jakkanahalli
Bus Ride – 1hour 20 mins
Cost –  50 INR

Bus 2 – Jakkanahalli to Melukote

Location – Jakkanahalli Main Street
Bus Stop – No obvious sign (just ask someone local)
Ask for – Bus to Melukote
Bus Ride – 15 mins
Cost –  10 INR

Bus 3 – Melukote to Jakkanahalli

Location – Melukote Bus Station
Bus Stop – Whichever one the bus driver chooses 🙂 It should be the only bus so pretty easy to spot, but again just ask if doubt
Ask for – Bus to Jakkanahalli
Bus Ride – 15 mins
Cost –  10 INR

Bus 4 – Jakkanahalli to Srirangapatna 

Location – Jakkanahalli Main Street
Bus Stop – Likely to be around the same place you were dropped off for bus 1
Ask for – Bus to Srirangapatna
Bus Ride – 1 hour
Cost – 35 INR

Bus 5 – Srirangapatna to Mysore 

Location – Srirangapatna Bus Station
Bus Stop – Seems to change so best just to ask one of the attendants
Ask for – Bus to Mysore
Bus Ride – 45 mins
Cost –  35 INR

It was fairly straight forward trip and can be done easily within a day without rushing. Both Melukote and Srirangapatna island are worth visiting!

Photos of  the sites

Melukote / Pooja Bathing Gaths in Sri Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple / 6th April 2019
Melukote / Local Girl hiding in the shade – just outside Sri Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple / 6th April 2019
Melukote / Entrance to Sri Yoganarasimha Swamy Temple / 6th April 2019
Melukote / Monkeys outside Sri Yoganarasimha Swamy Temple Window /  6th April 2019
Melukote / View onto the road leading to the city from Sri Yoganarasimha Temple / 6th April 2019
Srirangapatna Island / Sri Ranganatha Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu / 6th April 2019
Srirangapatna Island / Building in the park across the road from Sri Ranganatha Temple / 6th April 2019
Srirangapatna Island / Masjid-i-Ala Mosque – also called Jumna Masjid Mosque) built by Tipu Sultan / 6th April 2019
Srirangapatana Island / Fort’s Wall / 6th April 2019

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