It’s our pleasure to welcome you to join the upcoming Ayurveda Course focused on learning how to live better by following Ayurvedic Wisdom of the natural medicines.

We will be bringing a new Introduction to Ayurveda Course with 12 classes on the subject of Ayurveda.


The learning will take place online with students from around the world, mostly on Saturdays at 10 am UK Time.

It's our great pleasure to announce that Yoga Vagabond has teamed up with Dr Aravind Bagade & Dr Vinaya once again.


Both lecturers are experienced Ayurvedic practitioners with over two decades of experience between them and are keen to share their knowledge with you.

Throughout the course you will be provided with ongoing support and engagement via Facebook members-only group.

We will work with you to ensure we all get most out of the learning experience.

Classes will be recorded, technology willing, and be available for review after the lectures.


The course will consist of 12 hours of classes each covering a specific topic of Ayurveda. Classes will last 2hrs with a 30 minute break half way through. 

If you have any problems attending any of the dates of the course it so problem as the lecture footage will be provided following the teaching.


  • Introduction to Ayurveda (India’s ancient natural medicine system)

  • Basic concepts of Ayurveda:

    • Panchamahabhutas - 5 basic elements present in nature

    • Tridoshas- body’s basic functional energy forces

    • Trigunas - three qualities present in nature

  • Concept of Prakriti (body type) and its determinants.

  • Guidance on how to establish own body’s Prakriti and Vikriti (body imbalance)

  • Introduction to three pillars of life

    • Ahaara – Food

    • Nidra- Sleep

    • Bamhacharya- sacred sexuality

  • 1 hr Introduction to Dinacharya – daily Ayurvedic routines for wellbeing based on circadian rhythm

  • Introduction to basic concepts of Dosha, Dhatu & Malas and their functions in the body.

  • Dosha – three bodily energy forces/ functional components

  • Dhatu – body tissues

  • Mala Vijnanam – bodily waste matter/excretions

  • Importance of food (Aahaara/ food).

  • Introduction to the concept of Agni/ digestive fire.
  • Herbology – Introduction to the subject, parts of a plant used in Ayurveda, herbs dosage forms and drug dose assessment rules
  • The five basic dosage forms used in Ayurveda with examples:
    • Swarasa – juice extract
    • Kalka – pastes
    • Kashaya -decoctacions
    • Hima & Phanta – cold and hot infusions
  • Cooking class. with practical demonstration of 2 recipes. Course summary & wishing you Farewell.

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Dr Aravind Bagade is a Mysore based Ayurvedic Physician who heads the Faculty of Health and Nutrition at Doman International Institute which is a US based Institute offering Holistic Integrative services. He also teaches Ayurveda at Mysore Krishnamachar Yoga Shaala.

Dr. Aravind specializes in Integrative Ayurvedic and functional medicine based approach to health and wellness. He also does integrative nutritional consultations combining the principles of Dietetics and Ayurvedic nutrition to offer a holistic nutrition to clients.

Dr Vinaya Tumbigeremutt is a Mysore based Ayurvedic Physician and Ayurvedic Nutritionist who is practising in the city of Mysore form the past 9 years.


She also teaches at the most reputed Mysore Krishnamachar Yogashaala and does classes on Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking. She also teaches at Preventive and Public health, yoga and Ayurvedic wellness at Sri Adisiva Sadguru Alli Saheb Sivaarvyula Ayurvedic Medical College, Andhra Pradesh, India.