‘A routine practised daily is stronger medicine than an occasional remedy’


In this event we discussed Ayurvedic concept of DINACHARYA (daily routines) & the positive impact the correct use of herbs can have on your daily life.


This ancient concept is still applicable to our modern lifestyle. It incorporates dietary routines for enhanced vitality, stronger immunity and happier, healthier YOU.


Get your 'HERBS 'N' HEALTH DIARY' copy below and start implementing new routines straight away to get healthier and healthier day after day. 



Took place on: Tuesday 21st April @ 8am GMT

Length: 1 hour



In Partnership with

Green Herbs



It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ewa Wojtowicz for our collaborative seminar ‘Herbs ‘n’ Health’. Our herbal infusion diary fitted in seamlessly with Ewa’s daily guidance. Ewa’s passion shines through and is truly inspiring. Her knowledge and attention to detail was fantastic and she has a lot of wisdom to impart on how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life!


Arleen Ouzounian

Nazani Tea


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