nice to meet you.

My name’s Ewa. I am a 200 RYT Yoga Instructor living and teaching in Molise, South Italy.


I've been practising Yoga since 2008 and I’ve trained under Bharrath Shetty, BNS Iyengar, Kanchen Mala and Joseph Konnoth in India. 


My life has totally changed for the better since I’ve committed to Yoga and Ayurveda. I’ve healed my body and mind from distress and various physical traumas. I’ve learned that living in tune with one’s own unique constitution, listening to nature's rhythms and eating mindfully brings balance and vitality. 


My mission is to help you become more present and content with where you are and empower you to thrive, realise your full potential and step-by-step move to more advanced asanas.


For this reason, with great passion and enthusiasm, I dedicate my time and energy to share Yogic and Ayurvedic teachings to help as many people as I can, to improve their lifestyle in natural ways, just as I have.



You can join me on this journey to better self-care and living in tune with nature during one of my retreats or workshops. You can also schedule a class (online classes are available) or follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for daily inspirations. 


My classes incorporate elements of traditional and modern yoga including styles as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flows, and Restorative Yoga. 


Let's practice together to get your body limber, still your mind and most importantly have fun. 


Lots of love.



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