Herbs & Health Daily Diary Event

‘A routine practised daily is stronger medicine than an occasional remedy’   In this event we discussed Ayurvedic concept of DINACHARYA (daily routines) & the positive impact the correct use of herbs can have on your daily life.   This ancient concept is still applicable to our modern lifestyle. It incorporates dietary routines for enhancedContinue reading “Herbs & Health Daily Diary Event”

What is Meditation

What is Meditation Meditation (Dhyana in Sanskrit)Meditation is a conscious effort which involves mental focus and prolonged concentration on the object of meditation. It is a method which quietens the mind and serves for expanding spiritual energy leading the meditator to a state of bliss in which it’s possible to see life as it truly is,Continue reading “What is Meditation”

Guide to Mysore – City of Yoga

Mysore or Mysuru is the third largest city in the province of Karnataka. The city has a population of about 32,017,000 Mysore District, Census 2011- 2019 data and has a well-developed tourism industry. Mysore city is situated at the bottom of Chamundi Hills about 150 km from Bangalore, where the nearest international airport is. Mysore alsoContinue reading “Guide to Mysore – City of Yoga”

My Yoga Journey

Modern Yoga Yoga is a tradition that is over 5,000 years old originating in India. In ancient times yoga was predominantly focused on controlling the mind, stimulating vital energies and liberation or enlightenment. Over five millennia, yoga evolved into modern yoga practices which predominantly focus on physical postures known as asanas, breathing, and mindfulness. YogaContinue reading “My Yoga Journey”