Ayurvedic Consultation

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Ayurveda, an ancient form of natural medicine applicable in modern days. 

What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. 


This natural medicine approach is deeply rooted in the observation of plants, animals and nature. Therefore, in  Ayurveda, the optimal health exists in the place where the natural forces that are present in the universe, as well as within human beings, are in balance.


To learn more about the details of Ayurveda I've written An Introduction To Ayurveda.


Our Consultation

Platform: Yoga Vagabond will arrange Live Online consultation via SKYPE or ZOOM  (depending on your preference) at a mutually convenient time. Weekend appointments are available at the same cost.


Cost: £60


Length: The consultation usually takes 1 hour. On some occasions, the consultation lasts a bit longer. This really depends on what is happening in your life and your current wellness needs. 


If you would like to enquire further or book a consulation please see the below links


Our Ayurveda Expert

Dr Aravind Bagade is a Mysore based Ayurvedic Physician who heads the Faculty of Health and Nutrition at Doman International Institute which is a US based Institute offering Holistic Integrative services.


He also teaches Ayurveda at Mysore Krishnamachar Yoga Shaala, BNS Iyengar.

Dr. Aravind specializes in Integrative Ayurvedic and functional medicine based approach to health and wellness. He also does integrative nutritional consultations combining the principles of Dietetics and Ayurvedic nutrition to offer a holistic nutrition to clients.

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What to Expect from Ayurvedic Consultation?

  • To learn more about yourself from an Ayurvedic Perspective

  • To gain a better understanding of what elements of your life are not supporting you and how to adjust them to regain mind-body balance

  • To get a list of actions that you can implement into your life step by step to cultivate wellness and support longevity.

What is involved in Ayurvedic Consultation? 

THE FIRST STEP - You will be asked to fill in an online Prakriti assessment form (this should not take more than 10 minutes to fill in). We ask for this so Dr Aravind can understand your Doshic blueprint better prior to LIVE ONLINE CONSULTATION via Skype/ Zoom. Anything you say in the form will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties.


THE SECOND STEP - During the 1 hour long consultation, Dr Aravind will seek to help you understand your unique body-mind-spirit blueprint, your body type and what actions may cause imbalances in your life. Dr Aravind will offer you lifestyle and dietary adjustments that will help you balance elements that are not supporting you at the present moment. 


The aim of bringing the elements that are out of whack as close to the equilibrium as possible, through deliberate, conscious actions are to support your longevity and state of feeling well emotionally, physically and mentally. 


In conclusion, during the consultation, be sure to  find out what natural changes you can implement over the next 3 months to remedy imbalances as much as possible together with why and how to act more in alignment with your nature and environment that surrounds you depending on where you live and are in life. 


THE THIRD STEP is Taking Action this is on YOU


Dr Aravind will equip you with the tools for change, he will propose a list of tailor-made actions that you can bring into your life straight away.


Having said the above whether you TAKE ACTION is up to you. The process of rebalancing the Doshas takes time and effort. Therefore you will need to be persistent in action and be patient with yourself. Regardless whether you are advised to supplement with specific herbs, practice yoga or meditate these actions usually need to be taken for a longer period of time to make difference and take effect. Some actions may require a few months with intervals in between, depending on Doctor’s recommendations. 


Therefore, we suggest being observant during your lifestyle realignment and taking small steps one after one instead of taking a huge leap of changing everything in your life at once. 


In general, we also advise arranging a follow-up consultation around THREE MONTHS after the first Ayurvedic Appointment. 


We also suggest being observant with yourself daily and listening to your body-mind-spirit changing needs for the rest of your life. 

Ongoing Support 

If there is anything unclear following your first assessment with Dr Aravind or you need additional assistance during your action plan implementation let us know via ewa@yoga-vagabond.com. We will get back to you at our earliest.


Consultation provided on this website and by Dr Aravind does not substitute routine medical check-up, conducted treatment given at hospitals/clinics/Centers of Ayurveda. 


Yoga Vagabond does not consider itself responsible for any unwanted events occurring following the advice provided in online Ayurvedic Consultation. Clients requesting consultation will do so at their own responsibility.