Online Classes 

Yoga in the Comfort of Your Home


If you love Yoga but are struggling to maintain your sanity & exercise routine during the Covid-19 lockdown then why not consider adding Online Classes to your yoga routine.


When: Monday to Friday @ 7pm GMT

Class Length: 1 hour

Dates: 3 Weeks (23rd Mar - 10th Apr)

Cost: £5 / €6 per Week


That works out to just £1 a class. For the full details see below!

Ewa Yoga Studio

Weekly Schedule

Mondays to Fridays


Class Time: 7pm GMT

Class Length: 1 hour


The practice will combine a soft, strong and beautiful sequences of yoga postures specifically designed to boost your immunity, strengthen the body and calm the mind.  


The classes will energise you physically and mentally while linking the breath with movement to boost your mood and vitality. 


The objective of this 3 WEEKS long programme is to challenge you to practice Yoga regularly at home, help you establish a new empowering routine and to leave you happier and healthier with a much more positive outlook on the day to come.


Attending Classes: We use the online Zoom platform for classes. Setup is easy and free. On registration you will be sent instructions on how to download & use the platform to attend classes. 


Payment: We can take payments in either Pound Sterling or Euros. Payments can be made either by bank transfer or Paypal. 


Registration: To register simply click the registration button below.

Private 1-1 Classes

Classes Catered to You


Online Private classes are perfect for those looking to focus on their own goals. Poses and modifications will cater specifically to your body. Classes progress at the speed that is comfortable for you.


Take the time to discuss, practice or adapt poses while taking into account any injury or discomfort you may have. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.


Classes can be scheduled to suit your routine and hectic lifestyle.


Our hourly rates of £20 per hour allow you to tailor your practice to your budget.


If your interested simply use the contact us button below to receive a quote.