Natalia R.C.

Ewa’s classes have completely transformed my fitness routine for the better. By introducing me to yoga :)


Ewa is down to earth, patient and very kind, she combines all of this with the knowledge. What I like the most - no-nonsense approach to anatomy, clear instruction, positive encouragement, and meaningful adjustments. Her approach and the way she leads me in the yoga world makes everything really clear. ❤️


Patrycja P.

I am learning Ayurveda and Yoga with Ewa for months and each time I have an amazing experience. Ewa and her education are so wonderful, warm and welcoming. What you see on her website is exactly what you get. Very affordable and high-quality approach & knowledge on an international level.  


Ewa’s online teaching yoga is very professional and you will get a lot of virtual & positive energy. 


Thank you so much for making my knowledge short of amazing. See you again and thanks for the education and beautiful energy. 


I would recommend Ewa to beginners and advanced.

Ania K.D

Being quite health-conscious throughout my life, I’ve tried many times to get into yoga, with rather poor results. I could never understand what the big deal is about, I went to try numerous classes and could not concentrate or follow the instructions, or just „feel” I belonged. 


And then Ewa came along and changed my whole attitude towards yoga practice. She is honestly one of the best teachers you can find, particularly if you want to work on your form in the postures with someone who actually cares about your health. Her countless hints and tips to make sure you are maximising the benefits of the posture while preventing injury are something that is rare to find. Each class is tailored towards an area or focused on a particular goal, and you can honestly feel you are progressing each week while staying safe within your own limits. 


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, Ewa helps you develop your practice in a way that is mindful of your body shape, flexibility and strength.

Respectfully encouraging everyone to progress by clear and simple instructions, whilst remaining very mindful of everyone’s limitations or injuries; always giving plenty alternative options for all levels, to make sure everyone can still enjoy the stretch or a pose without endangering themselves. 


It is rare to find someone who gives their whole heart like Ewa does, into every practice. She is the reason why Yoga vagabond is an empowering experience for everyone.

Katarzyna P

Personally I've never thought that this active yoga style could give me so much joy, as I'm used to practising a more passive form of yoga and usually my main focus is a meditative aspect of the practice...



With Ewa I discovered a completely new world of exercise that my body was longing for and now even with a short break of few days I simply can not wait for more training hours with one of my favourite teachers! Usually, Ewa focuses on the whole body, but if you have a special wish she can prepare a small set suited just for your needs; I personally asked her to help me out in my building-up to lotus position; now- thanks to Ewa- I can enjoy definitely more time in diverse sited positions without my legs or back calling my attention! :) I recommend Ewa from all my heart, she is extremely professional but also very humble wish is the best mix for any teacher! She knows well that the path to mastery is extremely challenging and because of that, she is the best companion you can have in your journey to know your body, find delight in it, and make the most out of this wonderful gift we have! Thank you, Ewa ❤️

Edyta W

Testimonial for YogaVagabond:

I highly recommend Yoga-Vagabond yoga school and especially the most welcoming and compassionate yoga teacher, Eva! She is not only the founder of Yoga-Vagabond but also the most amazing yoga teacher as well as Ayurvedic Practitioner. Eva is highly proffessional  and extremely efficient in bringing the best out of her sudents. Her classes are fun and challenging in the same time and very affordable. She generously shares her Ayurvedic experties as well as the most amazing vibes. Eva doesn’t only “do yoga and Ayurveda”-she is a breathing and leaving example and inspiration to all of us how we can thrive and be happy and healthy.”


Testimonial for Ayurvedic Consultancy:

“ I highly recommend Ayurvedic Consultancy with Dr Ravi. His Ayurvedic expertise and knowledge was remarkable and his suggestions were on point. All in all the