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Healthy Food Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurveda

Comprehensive 12 class Introduction to Ayurveda Course. Aims to help you understand the basics of Ayurveda and how to implement it daily to benefit your health.

12 Hours
Date TBA
£120/ €140

Create Workshops Tailored To Your Audience

Yoga Vagabond has partnered with Experts from around the globe to bring you workshops tailored to your interests.

We can create: -

  • Yoga and Ayurveda Workshops delivered by Qualified Teachers 
  • Curriculums tailored to your learning goals
  • An Online Platform for students to attend workshops virtually, no matter where they are.
  • Record Workshops so students can reivew the classes in their own time
  • Learning Materials for students to continue their learning after the workshop
  • Workshop Logistics (such as invite emails, attendee tracking etc)  


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Introducing Your Teachers

Sri Kanchen

Kanchen started practicing yoga two decades ago and has been teaching professionally for over 10 years. She has studied with many eminent teachers inlcuding Sri BNB Iyenger & Sri Balaji Rao Thombre.


She has studied Astangavinyasa, Hatha, Mediutation, Chanting and is well practiced in adjustments. She established and is currently running the successfully Mysore Krishnamacharr Yoga Foundation.


Kanchen Ewa are the original founders of the Mysore Yoga Hub which aims to bring the teachings of the most respected Yoga and Ayurveda practitioners from across India to everyone around the globe via online Workshops. 

Dr Aravind Bagade

Dr Aravind Bagade is a Mysore based Ayurvedic Physician who heads the Faculty of Health and Nutrition at Doman International Institute which is a US based Institute offering Holistic Integrative services. He also teaches Ayurveda at Mysore Krishnamachar Yoga Shaala.


Dr. Aravind specializes in Integrative Ayurvedic and functional medicine based approach to health and wellness. He also does integrative nutritional consultations combining the principles of Dietetics and Ayurvedic nutrition to offer a holistic nutrition to clients.

Dr Aravind Bagade

Dr Vinaya Tumbigeremutt

Dr Vinaya Tumbigeremutt is a Mysore based Ayurvedic Physician and Ayurvedic Nutritionist who is practising in the city of Mysore form the past 9 years.


She also teaches at the most reputed Mysore Krishnamachar Yogashaala and does classes on Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking. She also teaches at Preventive and Public health, yoga and Ayurvedic wellness at Sri Adisiva Sadguru Alli Saheb Sivaarvyula Ayurvedic Medical College, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Dr Vinaya